The 3rd Foot Cane

How To Adjust And Use The 3rd Foot Cane

  The 3rd Foot Cane foot maintains balance without extending your arm and leaning on a cane handle.

Adjust the cane high enough so that your head is centered between your shoulders with your weight is evenly distributed between the cane foot and your feet without leaning forward or towards the cane handle to maintain balance.

Keep your arm close to your side when standing and walking.

Wrap your index finger around the front of the cane shaft. Place your thumb across the top of the cane handle or around the front of the cane shaft.

Move the cane foot together with the foot next to the cane or with the opposite foot if you have a weaker side or are rehabbing after surgery or an injury.

1. When the back of your foot strikes the ground the back of the cane foot strikes the ground together with it.

2. Let the weight of your body roll over the cane foot and your foot together.

3. When you press down on the front of your foot press down on the front of the cane foot at the same time.

Make sure the front of the cane foot moves with and not ahead of the front of your foot when you walk.

When bending down or on the stairs use the cane foot with the opposite foot.

***If you are rehabbing after hip, knee or ankle surgery move the front of the cane foot slightly behind the front of your opposite foot when you walk.

*** When using 2 canes move the canes with the opposite foot and let them strike the ground together from heel to toe.

**If you have two different length legs adjust the cane next to your longer leg to match the height of your shorter leg.

1. Place that cane next to your longer leg.

2. Move that cane with your shorter leg when you walk.

3. Keep your arms close to the outside of your body when you walk.

When both canes are adjusted correctly and moved with the opposite foot you'll be able to walk upright without leaning forward or onto the cane handles to maintain balance.


Watch The Video See The Difference!

1. Adjusting the Cane Height

2. Move the cane foot and your foot together as a pair

3. Keep your head up over your body

Using 2 Canes

Instructional video

Watch the instructional video below to learn how to use the 3rd Foot Cane.

How to Extend the And Align The Cane

The 3rd Foot Cane's patented three-piece shaft design allows a generous 17-inches of height adjustment. The cane is adjustable up to 39" for adults as tall as 6' 4". As well as younger users and growing teens that are between 4' and 5' tall.

The cane can be compacted down to 21-inches for shipping. Unlocking the cane is easy when you watch the video or follow these steps: 

1. Loosen the 2 rings on the cane. Place the cane foot between your knees like on the How To Adjust video. Press both "unlock" pegs.

2. Gently pull up until the bottom peg engages in the lower hole right above the lower ring.

If you are under 5' tall place the peg in the first hole right under the top ring.

Extend the top portion down or up until your weight is evenly distributed between the cane foot and your feet with your arm close to the outside of your body. The cane is adjustable for people from 4' to 6' 4" tall.

Tighten the rings after adjusting the cane to maintain the canes alignment.

If the top and bottom of the cane need realigning after adjusting the cane, follow these steps: turn the cane sideways. Put your foot on top of the cane foot. Loosen the bottom ring. Pull the cane handle gently towards you to realign the top and bottom of the cane. Lastly, tighten the rings.

Watch the How To Unlock And Adjust The 3rd Foot Cane Video on the Home Page. There are additional How To Use Videos on our Instagram Page.

Now you can adjust the top portion to meet your height requirements!

Walking up or down a flight of stairs

When walking up or down a flight of stairs keep your line of sight on the stairs. Use the cane’s foot the same way you use your dominant or uninjured foot.

Instructions And Safety Precautions

Shipping weight 1.7 pounds including shipping box. Weight limit 250 pounds.
The 3rd Foot Cane is a FDA registered mobility device. Patented in the United States and Canada.

Intended Use and Limitations: This cane is a walking aid and is not intended to absorb the full weight of the user. Not to be used by persons heavier than 350 lbs (159 kg). Not intended for use on ice or other slippery surfaces as it has the potential to slip. Safety Precautions: Consult a physician before using any assisted mobility device. Do not use unless individual segments are secured and the push buttons are fully engaged. 

Product Warranty Disclaimer

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