When the  3rd Foot Cane is used as directed you have more balance, core strength  and upright posture helping you look and feel younger. Follow these simple steps to get started!

1. Hold the cane on the side of your body next to your stronger leg.

2. Position the cane foot next to the outside of your foot. Not in front of it, or out to the side away from your body like you do to maintain balance with a traditional cane.

3. Move the cane foot forward together with your weaker foot an equal distance and let the cane foot and your foot strike the ground together from heel to toe.

4. If using 2 canes follow the first three steps and don’t forget to move the canes with the opposite foot.

 The unique design of the 3rd Foot Cane allows the weight of your body to be distributed between the cane’s foot and your feet when you walk without having to lean onto the cane handle to maintain balance.

1. Adjust the Cane Height

2. Move the cane foot and your non-dominant foot together

3. Keep your head over your body

Using 2 Canes

Instructional video

Watch the instructional video below to see how easy it is to regain postural alignment and stability.

How to Extend the Cane

The 3rd Foot Cane's patented three-piece shaft design allows a generous 17-inches of height adjustment. It's perfect for younger users while it can be compacted down to 21-inches. Unlocking the cane is easy when you follow these steps: 

1. Press the "unlock" button

2. Twist the foot to unlock 

3. Extend the foot downward

4. Align the foot with the handle to engage the hole in the second shaft. You may need to extend the top portion down one hole.

Now you can adjust the top portion to meet your height requirements!

Walking up or down a flight of stairs

When walking up or down a flight of stairs keep your line of sight on the stairs. Use the cane’s foot the same way you use your dominant or uninjured foot.

Instructions And Safety Precautions

Intended Use and Limitations: This cane is a walking aid and is not intended to absorb the full weight of the user. Not to be used by persons heavier than 350 lbs (159 kg). Not intended for use on ice or other slippery surfaces as it has the potential to slip. Safety Precautions: Consult a physician before using any assisted mobility device. Do not use unless individual segments are secured and the push buttons are fully engaged. 

Product Warranty Disclaimer

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