Do you need to relearn how to use a cane in order to benefit from the 3rd Foot Cane?

 The innovative design of The 3rd Foot Cane helps improve your posture, balance and overall stability by maintaining a 2nd point of contact throughout the walking cycle.  The 3rd Foot Cane is not a traditional cane that you adjust to wrist height, lean towards and move in front of your body. The 3rd foot Cane is designed to move with your body letting you walk upright and maintain your  balance, and stability. Watch the "How to Use" video to get the most out of the 3rd Foot Cane.  It is amazing how quickly you will notice a difference once you start walking upright again.


What is the science behind the 3rd Foot Cane?

The 3rd Foot Cane was designed to support the complex biological movement machine – the human body.  If you walk bent over a cane to maintain balance you become more bent over with time-Wolff's Law. If you walk upright you will become upright-Davis's Law.  Read more about the science in our recent Blog Post.


How do I adjust the height?

The 3rd Foot Cane is not a traditional cane that moves in front of your body to maintain balance. The 3rd Foot Cane was designed to move with your body and to use the cane foot like a 3rd Foot to maintain balance. The cane feet of single pt, 3 tip, 3 prong and quad cane feet can't support the weight of your body. Forcing you to lean forward, extend your arm and the cane away from your body when you walk to maintain balance.

 The cane foot of The 3rd foot Cane has the same proportions as the foot. It maintains contact with the ground throughout the walking cycle giving you a 2nd point of contact supporting your body's weight without forcing you to extend your arm away from your body.

 Place the cane next to and not in front of your stronger leg. Adjust the cane to leg height. When you walk the cane foot and the foot of your weaker leg move forward as a pair, with your arm close to your body.

The 3rd Foot cane is a perfect fit for children, teens and adults from 3' 6' to  6' 4" tall!  We have a complete video tutorial for you.  


How does the 3rd Foot Cane compare to single point, 3 Tip, & Quad Canes?

We're glad you asked! There are many differences between The 3rd Foot Cane and traditional canes.  The 3rd Foot Cane doesn't force you to lean forward and put your weight onto the cane handle to maintain balance because the offset cane foot and the angled cane shaft maintains your balance and supports the vertical alignment and stability of the body.  Other canes cause secondary disability unrelated to age, injury or condition that someone is born with by continuously misaligning and forcing the body forward to maintain balance .  If you're interested in learning more about the differences between The 3rd Foot Cane and Quad Canes, visit our comparison section.


Why is the foot of the cane larger in the front and smaller in the back?

The foot of the cane is designed to mimic the shape and movement of a human foot.  The heel of your foot is smaller than the front of your foot. In natural walking gait, your feet move from heel to toe, keeping your body in proper vertical alignment.  The 3rd Foot Cane's foot mimics this shape and movement, of rolling from the smaller heel towards the  toes as you walk.


Can I use two canes?

Absolutely! If you require two canes to walk, or just like the extra stability.   Linda personally reaches out to every customer after they purchase - mention that you will be using two canes for her tips and suggestions. We even have a coupon for those ordering two canes at once.  Use the code "2canes" when checking out to save $10.  


Can the 3rd Foot Cane help with Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis makes walking painful because the fascia that runs from the heel to the toes becomes inflamed. The 3rd Foot Cane is the only cane that maintains contact with the ground the way the human foot does, relieving some of the pain from plantar fasciitis by taking weight off the foot and redistributing it between the cane foot and the user's feet while walking.


Can the 3rd Foot Cane help you recover after your Hip/Knee Surgery?

Absolutely! The  3rd Foot Cane acts as a third foot (or fourth foot when using two) after hip, knee or ankle surgery by transmitting some of the weight from the hip, knee and ankle joints and redistributing it between the cane foot and your feet. Allowing you to stand up straight with less pain while helping you to redevelop a balanced walking gait. See one of our customers testimonials here!


Does insurance cover the 3rd Foot Cane?

We are currently in the process of being approved for FSA eligibility.


Is there a warranty?

We stand behind our products 100%.  The 3rd Foot Cane and Crutch Foot have Limited Lifetime Warranty.  Find out more information about warranties on our Lifetime Warranty page.


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