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Learn How to Use The 3rd Foot Cane Foot Together With Your Foot

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The 3rd Foot Cane-Upright Posture Balance & Stability when Walking


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The 3rd Foot Cane lets your body move the way it was designed to move

The 3rd Foot Cane’s innovative Patented cane foot maintains balance, stability and upright posture like a foot. Letting you walk upright and look younger and feel younger.

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Maintain Or Regain Your Upright Posture, Balance & Stability

Ethel started using The 3rd Foot Cane at age 94. The picture on the right is three years later when Ethel was 97 years old. She’s now 98 and still walks every day with confidence using the 3rd Foot Cane.


Walk With Confidence

The 3rd Foot Cane foot redistributes weight onto the cane foot post-op and after an injury. Letting you walk upright with balance and stability without leaning on a cane handle. Get back to doing the things you love doing!


The 3rd Foot Cane foot maintains balance and upright posture when walking

How To Use The Cane Handle

How To Use

Use The 3rd Foot Cane foot with the foot next to the cane or with the opposite foot.

Adjust the cane height high enough so that when your arm is next to your side with the cane on the outside of your leg your weight is evenly distributed between the cane foot and your feet without leaning forward or towards the cane handle.

Wrap your index finger around the front of the cane handle. Place your thumb across the top of the cane handle or around the cane shaft.

The cane foot has the same proportions as your foot and was designed and Patented to maintain balance, stability, and upright posture from the back of the cane foot to the front of the cane foot  without extending your arm and leaning on the cane handle.

If you are rehabbing after surgery or have Drop Foot or a Vestibular condition place the cane next to your stronger leg and move the cane foot together with your opposite foot when walking.

When bending down or on the stairs use the cane foot with the opposite foot.

When you look down when you walk you have to shorten your step and stride and your body has less balance and less stability. Keep your head up and in the direction you're walking unless you're on the stairs or an uneven surface.

How Not To Use!

The 3rd Foot Cane is not a traditional cane that you adjust to wrist height, then extend away from your body and lean on or towards the cane handle to maintain balance.

Hold the cane handle with your index finger wrapped around the from of the cane shaft like in the how to photo. The 3rd foot Cane foot is designed to move from back to front like your foot. Use the entire cane foot together with your foot when walking and not just the front of the cane foot. See our How-to-Use page for more information.

The handle is purposefully shaped to rest comfortably in your hand

Comfortable Grip

Ergonomic Design

Walk Upright And Stay Upright With The 3rd Foot Cane

Designed With SureGrip™ Support Technology

Use the cane on the lawn, at the beach and of course around town or at home

The 3rd Foot Cane

Patented To Maintain Balance And Stability

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Raising the Standards in Mobility Devices

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The 3rd Foot Cane-Posture Balance and Stability

The 3rd Foot Cane's angled shaft maintains the same angle as the leg when walking supporting the body's natural alignment, balance and stability. *

The 3rd Foot Cane


“I have Cerebral Palsy, and as I have aged my gait has worsened. No traditional cane on the market has worked for me – until I found the 3rd Foot Cane. Game changer! It even helps me stand upright and alleviates strain and stress on my lower back. Thank you Aligned as Designed. 5 out of 5!”

Rebecca Aguirre, Los Angeles, CA


The 3rd Foot Cane helps improve your body's alignment and a stable, upright walking gait by maintaining balance from the back of the cane foot to the front of the cane foot.

“I just had a knee replacement and this cane has definitely allowed me more mobility and a lot more stability.”

Joanna Medin, Los Angeles, CA

The 3rd Foot Cane

Included in your kit are:

Height-Adjustable 3rd Foot Cane Convenient Wrist Strap Instructions for Use and Reference Card Direct access to our Product Support Specialists through eMail, Phone and Zoom

Specs: Cane Weight: 20 ounces without the cane strap.

Shipping Box Dimensions For North America and Hawaii: 31.2" x 6.2” x 2.2".

Shipping weight: Including Shipping Box & Packaging 1.75 pounds.

International Shipping Box Dimensions: 31" x 6" x 2.5 "

Shipping Weight: Including Shipping Box & Packaging For International Orders 1.75 pounds.

Domestic Shipping: Free to contiguous US.

Shipping times vary based on location.

Priority Shipping available at check-out.

International orders include all necessary Duty and Customs Fees in the shipping charge calculated at checkout.

The 3rd Foot Cane is Height Adjustable: for people 6’4” to 4' 11" tall.

Cane Height: 28-39 inches

Weight Limit: 250 pounds.

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Walk Upright With Balance And Stability With The 3rd Foot Cane


The 3rd Foot Cane® by Aligned as Designed®

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