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Why it's better

The 3rd Foot Cane helps you maintain upright posture, even when you're 84! Redevelop a more natural walking gait, upright posture, and stability by walking with the 3rd Foot Cane!

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How it Helps

Ethel started using the 3rd Foot Cane at age 94. She's now 97 years old. She walks every day with confidence with the 3rd Foot Cane. The 3rd Foot Cane’s design allows you to look younger and feel younger because you can stand up straight and a regain a normal way of walking!


How it Works

Unlike traditional canes, The 3rd Foot Cane helps you walk with more stability after an injury by redistributing your weight evenly helping you redevelop a normal step, stride and gait so you can get back to doing the things you love doing!


The 3rd Foot Cane Makes You Look and Feel Younger!

Let the Cane be your Third Foot!

The soft rubber handle provides a solid contact point to help you stand upright and walk more naturally.

The Sure-Grip™ foot does not sink into soft soils while the industrial-grade rubber provides a positive grip on hardwoods, concrete, rugs and tile.

This cane is your companion to help give you more confidence when you walk.

Don't Do This!

This is not a traditional cane. You might be tempted to use our cane that way.

If the cane feels awkward, you might be using it like a traditional cane. We want to get you back on your feet and walking normally again.

Rest the handle comfortably in your hand. Use the entire cane foot to give you support and stability. See our How-to-Use page for more information.

The handle is purposefully shaped to rest comfortably in your hand

Comfortable Grip

Ergonomic Design

Generous Support

SureGrip™ Foot

The SureGrip™ Foot provides stability and does not sink into lawn or sand

Raising the Standards in Mobility Devices

NO DRUGS, NO PRESCRIPTIONS, NO EXAMS REQUIRED. Simply use the 3rd Foot Cane as directed and see results in as little as a few days.

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The 3rd Foot is the only cane with a patented shaft angle and SureGrip™ technology designed to correct poor posture, which is often the source of poor mobility and pain. Simply use the cane in place of a traditional cane for more normal, youthful walking.


Improve mobility and reduce muscle pain with as little as 15 minutes per day of use. 

“I have Cerebral Palsy, and as I have aged my gait has worsened. No traditional cane on the market has worked for me – until I found the 3rd Foot Cane. Game changer! It even helps me stand upright and alleviates strain and stress on my lower back. Thank you Aligned as Designed. 5 out of 5!”

Rebecca Aguirre, Los Angeles, CA


The best treatment for chronic muscle pain and poor mobility is proper walking and posture. The 3rd Foot Cane will improve your posture and mobility if used daily as directed.

“I just had a knee replcement and this cane has definitely allowed me more mobility and a lot more stability.”

Joanna Medin, Los Angeles, CA


The 3rd Foot Cane was originally created in 2015 by a martial artist involved in a life-altering accident. It has been proven effective in improving mobility, long-term rehabilitation outcomes and eliminating pain caused by poor posture.

I decided to get two of the canes after talking to Linda, the inventor of the Aligned as Designed Cane, when she mentioned she had a number of people who use two when walking.  The difference walking with two of the canes is absolutely amazing.  I am walking much better, my posture has improved incredibly and I’m walking easier and faster... When walking with a rollator, I could never walk without atrocious posture.  It’s putting the fun back in walking!  The Aligned as Designed Cane is worth its weight in gold, in my opinion.  

Eloise, Toronto, Canada.

"I’ve now tried it out on several long walks, and I’ve not only found it very easy to use with the help of the video. This is also the first time in a very long time that a cane gives me enough support with my balance that I feel confident to look anywhere else than on the ground right in front of me. So it’s really making a huge difference. Thank you so much!"

Ed Hollander, Columbus, OH

I’m using a cane for balance (my inner-ear vestibular system is damaged on both sides) and this one really helps me walk more upright. I usually have to watch the ground to keep my balance and with this cane I can look ahead or even a bit to see side while walking, which is great for my posture too. I think the effect is created by the fact that the cane stays in touch with the ground much longer than a cane with a narrow tip... I am in less pain and can walk longer distances without bad after-effects. 

Dr. Lippe, Berlin Germany

"The Aligned as Designed cane is the cane that will support my client's upright posture and core stability! Finally, a cane that will do more than just balance. Walking with Aligned as Designed cane I immediately felt the support to my entire body. I could feel my core engaging and supporting my spine to be in an upright position. I am highly recommending the cane to my clients to support them as we are working on their ability to walk safely and efficiently. With the support of the Aligned As Designed cane, the work we do in the studio continues when they are outside the studio engaging in their daily routines."

Shevi Baruch, Owner Body Rhythm, LLC, Rehab specialist - Santa Monica, CA

"My mother has been using Linda’s Aligned As Designed cane for more than two years and I can’t thank you enough for your creation! It has improved her stability and her posture. How did those other manufacturers expect individuals who are unstable to balance their weight on such a small surface area? With Aligned As Designed it truly is like having a third foot! Thank you so much! Can’t wait to see what else you develop."

Lydia Shayne, Los Angeles, CA

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