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Learn How to Use The 3rd Foot Cane Foot Together With Your Foot

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The 3rd Foot Cane-Upright Posture Balance & Stability when Walking

How To Use The 3rd Foot Cane With The Opposite Foot


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The 3rd Foot Cane lets your body move the way it was designed to move

The 3rd Foot Cane’s innovative Patented cane foot maintains balance, stability and upright posture like a foot. Making you look younger and feel younger so you can walk the way you walked before you needed a cane.

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Maintain Your Upright Posture, Balance & Stability

Ethel has been using The 3rd Foot Cane since she was 94. She's now 97 years old! She walks every day with confidence with the 3rd Foot Cane. The 3rd Foot Cane lets you stand up straight and walk without leaning onto a cane handle to maintain balance!


Walk With Confidence

The 3rd Foot Cane foot redistributes weight from the hip, knee, and ankle joints onto the cane foot. Walk upright with balance and stability after an injury. Do the things you love doing with less pain and more confidence!


The 3rd Foot Cane maintains balance without leaning on a cane handle

How To Use The Cane Handle

How To Use

Adjust the cane height high enough so that your weight is evenly distributed between the cane foot and your feet without leaning on or towards the cane handle. Keep your arm close to your side and hand relaxed when walking.

The cane foot has the same proportions as your foot and was designed and Patented to maintain balance, stability, and upright posture from the back to the front of the cane foot  without extending your arm and leaning on a cane handle.

Wrap your index finger around the front of the cane handle. Place your thumb across the top of the cane handle or around the cane shaft.

Use the cane foot with the foot next to the cane or with the opposite foot.

If you are rehabbing after surgery or have Drop Foot or a Vestibular condition place the cane next to your stronger leg and move the cane foot together with your opposite foot when walking.

When bending down or on the stairs use the cane foot with the opposite foot.

How Not To Use!

The 3rd Foot Cane is not a traditional cane that you adjust to wrist height, then extend away from your body and lean on or towards the cane handle to maintain balance.

If you hold the cane handle incorrectly and only use the front of the cane foot you won't feel stable. The cane foot is designed to move and maintain balance like a foot, from back to front. Use the entire cane foot from back to front, like a foot and together with your foot when walking and not just the front of the cane foot. See our How-to-Use page for more information.

Use the cane handle with your index finger around the front of the cane shaft. Place your thumb around the front of the cane shaft or across the top of the cane handle.

The handle is purposefully shaped to rest comfortably in your hand

Comfortable Grip

Ergonomic Design

Walk Upright And Stay Upright With The 3rd Foot Cane

Designed With SureGrip™ Support Technology

Use the cane on the lawn, at the beach and of course around town or at home

The 3rd Foot Cane

Designed And Patented To Maintain Upright Posture Balance And Stability When Walking

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Raising the Standards in Mobility Devices

NO DRUGS, NO PRESCRIPTIONS, NO EXAMS REQUIRED. Order Now and gain a new sense of mobility!

5.0 out of 5 stars Best cane I’ve ever used and I’ve used a lot

Reviewed in the United States on May 12, 2022

 After 20 years of multiple sclerosis and foot drop, I’ve used many different canes, walking sticks, forearm crutches, and wheelchairs (see pic). I’m what you might call a “caneisseur“ 😀I bought the Aligned as Designed cane 15 months ago, not long after leaving my wheelchairs and working hard to walk again. Since then, I’ve bought three more - two additional for me to use as a pair on longer walks and one as a gift for my uncle with Parkinson’s (he hated regular canes but liked this). My post-wheelchair walking is a work in progress, but check out the video to see how it is now.This cane looks, balances, and works differently than conventional canes. It’s a tool to help you stand tall and walk better, with less pain. It’s great for all that. Follow the instructions and their helpful videos and you’ll be happily surprised. If you just want a cane to help get out of chairs and get to the bathroom, or you prefer to walk hunched over, then any old regular cane should do. If you want to walk more like you used to and stay at eye level with others, and are a willing to try a new way, the AaD cane is a great choice.

Kent Jones, that_guy_with_ms

"I’ve now tried it out on several long walks, and I’ve not only found it very easy to use with the help of the video. This is also the first time in a very long time that a cane gives me enough support with my balance that I feel confident to look anywhere else than on the ground right in front of me. So it’s really making a huge difference. Thank you so much!"

Ed Hollander, Columbus, OH

I have been using the canes for over a year now and I find that they really help me feel more secure walking in different situations. I’ve used canes before, but the design of this cane makes it stay in touch with the ground longer, which gives me greater stability and allows me to walk upright. I can very much recommend the canes for anyone who has balance problems.  

I need to use a cane to walk longer distances or on unstable ground. My vestibular disorder affects my balance, so my eyes and muscles have had to take over some of the function of keeping me upright. I usually have to focus on the ground in front of me to keep my balance and even then it is hard work for my leg muscles and they often cramp up. This is a cause of fatigue and not great for my posture. I also have oscillopsia, which makes me feel very insecure when walking on uneven ground or in bad light. I find that the Aligned-as-Designed canes really help with all of these problems. 

I use one cane for stability when running errands, but two canes to go on longer walks. I can walk much faster with two canes, and I can feel that long walks are much easier on my muscles too, because they don’t have to do all the work of keeping my balance. Stopping and starting to walk again took a bit of coordination at the beginning, but now I am used to it. After only a few steps I get into a walking rhythm, so I don’t have to think about the canes or coordinating them with the movement of my feet, and it’s much easier to look to the sides and up (which is usually not possible for me without stopping). I notice more things around me and that has really improved my quality of life. 

Dr. Anya H., Germany

I have been using the canes for over a year now and I find that they really help me feel more secure walking in different situations. I’ve used canes before, but the design of this cane makes it stay in touch with the ground longer, which gives me greater stability and allows me to walk upright. I can very much recommend the canes for anyone who has balance problems.

Dr. Anya H., Germany

"The Aligned as Designed cane is the cane that will support my client's upright posture and core stability! Finally, a cane that will do more than just balance. Walking with Aligned as Designed cane I immediately felt the support to my entire body. I could feel my core engaging and supporting my spine to be in an upright position. I am highly recommending the cane to my clients to support them as we are working on their ability to walk safely and efficiently. With the support of the Aligned As Designed cane, the work we do in the studio continues when they are outside the studio engaging in their daily routines."

Shevi Baruch, Owner Body Rhythm, LLC, Rehab specialist - Santa Monica, CA

I decided to get two of the canes after talking to Linda, the inventor of the Aligned as Designed Cane, when she mentioned she had a number of people who use two when walking.  The difference walking with two of the canes is absolutely amazing.  I am walking much better, my posture has improved incredibly and I’m walking easier and faster... When walking with a rollator, I could never walk without atrocious posture.  It’s putting the fun back in walking!  The Aligned as Designed Cane is worth its weight in gold, in my opinion.  

Eloise, Toronto, Canada.

"My mother has been using Linda’s Aligned As Designed cane for more than two years and I can’t thank you enough for your creation! It has improved her stability and her posture. How did those other manufacturers expect individuals who are unstable to balance their weight on such a small surface area? With Aligned As Designed it truly is like having a third foot! Thank you so much! Can’t wait to see what else you develop."

Lydia Shayne, Los Angeles, CA

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Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers.

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The 3rd Foot Cane-Posture Balance and Stability

The 3rd Foot Cane's shaft angle and cane foot with SureGrip™ Support technology support the body's natural alignment, balance and stability when walking.

The 3rd Foot Cane


“I have Cerebral Palsy, and as I have aged my gait has worsened. No traditional cane on the market has worked for me – until I found the 3rd Foot Cane. Game changer! It even helps me stand upright and alleviates strain and stress on my lower back. Thank you Aligned as Designed. 5 out of 5!”

Rebecca Aguirre, Los Angeles, CA


The 3rd Foot Cane helps improve your posture and mobility by using the cane foot to maintain balance. Move your body the way it was designed to move. Maintain or regain an upright walking gait.

“I just had a knee replacement and this cane has definitely allowed me more mobility and a lot more stability.”

Joanna Medin, Los Angeles, CA

The 3rd Foot Cane

Included in your kit are:

Height-Adjustable 3rd Foot Cane Convenient Wrist Strap Instructions for Use and Reference Card Direct access to our Product Support Specialists through eMail, Phone and Zoom

Specs: Cane Weight: 20 ounces without the cane strap.

Shipping Box Dimensions: 24” x 6” x 2.5”.

Shipping weight: including shipping box & packaging 1.7 pounds.

Height Adjustable: for people 6’4” to 4' tall.

Cane Height: 27-39 inches

Cane Weight 20 ounces

Weight Limit: 250 pounds.

Shipping: Free to contiguous US.

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Walk Upright With Balance And Stability With The 3rd Foot Cane


The 3rd Foot Cane® by Aligned as Designed®

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