"Walking with two of the AaD canes is making everything much, much better. My posture when walking with two is, I think, almost entirely back to normal. It’s putting the fun back in walking! The AaD cane is worth its weight in gold, in my opinion." - Eloise, Toronto, Canada

No, It Doesn’t Stand by Itself, But It Will Help You Stand by Yourself!

the 3rd Foot Cane™

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Comfortable Grip

The handle is made with super-resilient Thermoplastic Elastomer with a solid core and is purposefully shaped to rest comfortably in your hand. There is no need to push down on the cane. Instead, the handle provides a solid contact point to help you stand upright and walk more naturally. This cane is your companion to help give you more confidence when you walk.

Generous Support

The Sure-Grip™ foot is excellent on almost any terrain. Use it on the lawn, at the beach and of course around town or at home. The large surface area does not sink into soft soils while the thermoplastic rubber provides a positive grip on hardwoods, concrete, rugs and tile.

The 3rd Foot Cane by Aligned as Designed

Purchase the 3rd Foot Cane by Aligned as Designed and feel a new sense of mobility!

3rd Foot Cane lets your body move the way it was designed to move
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