Practice Makes Permanent - Good or Bad

When a brilliant surgeon puts the body of a badly injured patient back together, that patient is given an opportunity to return to a normal lifestyle. A normal lifestyle includes walking upright, using the skeletal structure of the body to bear the weight of the body. Yet, traditional mobility devices like single-point canes, three-point and quad canes encourage people to use the cane as a primary supporting element, which leads to misalignment of the body. This misalignment – especially during recovery – becomes a permanent misalignment by making muscles do extra work to support the weight of the body. Muscles are designed to actuate the bones then rest, yet traditional canes force these muscles to take the place of the skeletal structure forcing them to be active over longer periods of time. Muscles that are continuously fired will fatigue and cramp, yet the body compensates resulting in a stiff, stooped walking gait. The opportunity for a normal lifestyle the surgeon provided is lost.

To develop, maintain or regain upright posture, balance, and stability after an injury and into old age, the body needs to move the way it was designed to move.

When used properly, the 3rd Foot Cane by Aligned as Designed realigns the body so that the skeletal structure bears the weight and the muscles move the structure they way it was intended. The head and the top of the spine are aligned over the shoulders, and the shoulders are aligned over the hips. The hip, knee, and ankle joints work together as pairs to balance, load and unload the weight of the body evenly over and on the feet to maintain the health of those joints. The feet strike the ground from heel to toe to develop and maintain the core muscles responsible for upright posture, balance and stability.

Practice makes permanent – good or bad. Procedural memory is a form of muscle memory from which the neural pathways in our brain make motor behavior automatic. The mind moves the body, and the body moves the mind. When used properly, the 3rd Foot Cane helps reinforce good posture and walking mobility, leading to a more normal lifestyle and better long-term outcomes. Find out how your patients get the most benefit from your work.

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