Read what people are saying about the Aggiornamento® Cane

We've given our cane to people to try it for themselves, and to get a better feel for it's performance.

We have built and tested the Aggiornamento® Cane hundreds of times working to get it just right. Starting with Linda's original hand-made cane, we developed it for manufacturing and mass-market appeal. We have shared our prototypes with young and old alike. The feedback we are getting is incredible!

“No, you can’t have it back!”

Esmeralda - Palm Springs, CA

"I didn’t realize how bad my other cane was until I tried this cane.

"It’s a whole new way of walking with a cane, especially if you’re walking on a shinny or wet surface. This cane hugs the ground and gives you stability where as a regular cane on a shinny or wet surface will slide out from under you and cause you to fall."

Bernie - Fresno, CA

in-use stepping out of door
in-use stepping out of door

"This cane steadies your walk because it’s like having another foot beside you."

Paul - Covina, CA

“I feel better this week.

"It's easier for me to get up. And I don't have pain in the back and shoulders anymore."

Monette, Los Angeles, CA

“I can feel my toes again!”

Molly - Encino, CA

“You feel stable going up the stairs, but it's great going down the stairs!”

Mike - Encino, CA

in-use clibming stairs
in-use walking down street

"I feel stable on the step. I feel secure. My hand and arm feels better, too.”

Bill - Toronto, Canada

"This cane makes you feel more secure as you walk.

"With a regular cane you wobble a lot because there’s no stability at the bottom of the cane."

Susan - Malibu, CA